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    Key Features

    KP3868 Continuous Form Laser Printer

    • Print speed 3000/4000 LPM (6LPI); 59/78 PPM (8.5" length); 300 dpi or 600 dpi
    • Paper width from 6 to 18 inch
    • Maximum 17-inch print width
    • First page printable without paper waste
    • Flat paper path ideal for label printing
    • Effective paper loading
    • Automatic paper stacking without user intervention
    • Well-suited for 1D & 2D bar code (QR-Code, PDF 417) and optical character printing

    Excellent Performance

    KP3868 series printer has an excellent performance of printing fanfold continuous paper with 300 or 600 dpi resolution. Printing images and graphics is certainly at full speed. The robust print engine and hardware give the printer the power to have a satisfying duty cycle per month.


    Superb Paper Handling

    KP3868 series printer offers a printable width of maximum 17 inch, with first page printable to minimize the waste of paper. Its automatic paper loading mechanism can reliably feed fanfold paper 6 to 18-inch wide. The companioned Power Stacker, with a capacity of 3,000 sheets, automatically stacks paper output without user intervention. The auto-splitter provides the benefit of splitting paper output automatically instead of manually, which is a great alternative to enhance productivity.


    Flat Paper Path

    KP3868 series printer employs flat paper path that transports paper straightly without turns. This paper transport mechanism greatly reduces paper jams, and is particularly ideal for label printing since labels don’t get peeled off on internal rollers.


    Easy Operation

    KP3868 series printer is easy to operate. The LCD operation panel provides an easy configuration interface for users. All features are designed to offer you a friendly printing environment.



    • Banking
    • Insurance
    • Mailing
    • Transaction Related Documents
    • Distribution and Logistics


    Print Technology Electrophotography Process, LED Array
    Developing Method Dry, Two-Ingredient Developer
    Fusing Xenon Flash Fusing System
    Print Speed 3000/4000 LPM (6LPI), 59/78 PPM (8.5" length)
    Resolution 300 x 300 DPI / 600 x 600 DPI
    Print Width 17 Inch Max.
    Media Type Fanfold Perforated Paper
    Paper Weight 64 ~ 204 g/m2
    Paper Width 6" ~ 18"
    Paper Length 7" ~ 20"
    Paper Hopper/Stacker Capacity 3000 SHEETS (64 g/m2)
    Power Requirements:  
       Voltage AC 200~230 V
       Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
       Phase Single Phase, Three Wires (One For FG)
    Working Environment:  
       Temperature 15°C ~ 30°C
       Humidity 30% ~ 80% (RH) (Non-Condensing)
    Operation Panel LCD Panel
    Dimensions 780 mm (W) x 1320mm (H) x 890mm (D)
    Weight 255 Kg
    KP3868-30 Brochure
    KP3868-40 Brochure

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