WINJET 168RC - the Ultra High Speed Color Label Printer

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    The Ultra Fast Color Label Printer


    • Interface Type:Other
    • Products Status:Common
    • Style:Black And White,Color
    • Type:Inkjet
    • Use:Barcode Printer,Document Printer

    Key Features

    Color Labels on Demand

    Winjet 168RC is a digital inkjet printer which allows users to print short-run color labels on demand.  With advantages from both common inkjet printers and heat-transfer printers, it prints color and fast at 60 ppm (A4 pages). For fast-paced industry or high customized business, it helps the users to produce every label with unique design and variable data in house.  No more label stocks and the shorter lead times makes inventory management easier than out-sourcing labels.  And the enterprises can save time and resources for developing business more.

    Memjet Page-Wide Printhead

    - Fires more than 700 million drops/sec.
    - 70,400 ink nozzles.
    - 17 times the nozzle density of traditional inkjet printheads.
    - 1600 x 1600 dpi at 300 mm/sec.
    - 8.77 inches wide. (222.8 mm)
    - 5 color channels.
    - Self-cooling.
    - Minimal warm-up time.

    Dye Inks

    - Water-based.
    - Four color ink formulations. (CMYK)
    - Absorbs in to typical substrates in milliseconds.
    - Ink cartridges are chipped to ensure correct usage.
    *All specifications are subject to change without notice. 

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    • The Ultra Fast Inkjet Printer