WINJET ML5500W - Industrial Pin-Feed Cold Fusing Laser Printer for Continuous Fanfold Forms

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    The High-Speed Continuous Printers


    • Interface Type:Other
    • Products Status:Common
    • Style:Black And White
    • Type:Laser
    • Use:Barcode Printer,Document Printer

    Key Features

    Winjet ML5500W is definitely the efficient and the best partner for in-house & on-demand short-run prints. Here is its outlined specification:
    • Monochrome Continuous Laser Printer
    • Non-Contact Fusing Technology
    • Speed: 5,500 LPM (156 ppm, A4 2-up)
    • Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi
    • Printable Width: 17"
    • Media Width: max. 18"
    • Continuous Fanfold Media with Sprocket Holes
    Winjet ML5500W can print 17" wide, which is enough for printing A4 with 2-up. Moreover, at a speed of 5,500 lpm (line per inch, 6 lines/inch), it means you will have 156 pages printed every single minute. 
    Continuous Fanfold Forms
    Compared with cut-sheet printers, continuous form printers are more tolerant toward media thickness. If we take operation into consideration, it avoids page missing, and there are more finishing systems that works with continuous forms.
    Non-Contact Cold Fusing Technology
    Many of our customers was trying to figure out a proper solution that ensures the printed data with perfect water-resistance, but they hesitated to employ normal laser printers. Eventually they chose Winjet ML5500W since it prints on more challenging media, such as pressure-sensitive adhesives and RFID labels. It fixes toner without contacting the media, so it will not either make the glue melt everywhere, or damage the RFID chips embedded in the labels.
    Flat Paper Path
    Unlike many desk-top printers which flip the media during printing, Winjet ML5500W prints via flat paper path. It reduces the risk of paper jam, prevents label adhesives from peeled off, and avoids wrinkling up heavy media.
    Tractor Feeder, Auto Burster & Power-Stacker
    Pin-feed tractors are absolutely the simple and robust tools for accurate printing. Also, Winjet ML5500W is also integrated with an auto burster that tears the media right on the perforation lines! Moreover, with this system, the users may only load the new box of media and then leave it there without involvement, as once it receives the print jobs, it feeds, prints, stacks and bursts by itself! 
    More information at:  www.winjet-printers.com
    *Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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    • winjet ML5500W - the High Speed Pin-Feed Laser Printer for Continuous Forms