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    Key Features

    Digital Label Presses & Finishers

    Winjet variPrint CP2280

    Roll-to-Roll Color Label Press

    Color laser printer

    Speed: max. 30 ft/min

    Media width: max. 12.6"


    Flexible sourcing

    Customized production

    OEM/ODM services

    Production in Taiwan

    Winjet products take full advantage of Taiwan's the prosperous electrical and mechanical industries to maintain a flexible supply chain, ensuring the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our manufacturing process.



    Product co-development with technology partners

    Integrations in the field

    As a printing technology holder, we have collaborated with technology holders of several other fields to seamlessly incorporate printing modules into larger systems.


    On the other hand, we work closely with end-users to make sure our products offer a comprehensive solution in fulfilling the needs of printing applications in the field.