Winjet variShape, Machinery, Roll Cutting Machine.

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    Key Features

    Digital Label Presses & Finishers

    Winjet variShape LF80

    Digital Label Finisher

    Roll-to-Roll Label Die Cutter

    2 Plotting Knife as the Digital Dies

    Speed: 5 m/min



    Operation system adaptions

    Printer management

    Printer language emulations

    We work with system integrators to bring together all the technological components of your production line. For work places with multiple printers, we also offer printer management solutions.


    In production environments where replacement of printers is required, our controller technology enables Winjet products to receive commands in a variety of printer languages.


    In this way, we ensure that no disruption of workflow will occur due to printer upgrades.

    Our versatile production lines are specialized for a variety of customized projects and capable of providing OEM/ODM as well as contract manufacturing services.




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